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The internal combustion engine has experienced incremental improvements since its invention in the late 1850s. While minor improvements have been made, only 11 to 14 percent of the energy available in fuel actually reaches the wheels. Although the industry has surrendered to these efficiency results, we at Nostrum believe these results are both unacceptable and offensive, and we are determined to provide disruptive solutions.

The strategy for Nostrum’s technology portfolio is to focus on science-based solutions inspired by non-automotive industries, exploring novel and unconventional technologies for internal combustion engines, and challenging the status quo of combustion and thermodynamics. This is coupled with a focus on developmental leaps in efficiency, emissions and performance for both new and existing engines.

Our team’s current focus is on break-through research and commercial applications for advanced fuel injection and dilute combustion systems. The IP portfolio includes port and direct water injectors, several dilute combustion systems, fuel injection technologies and a host of additional combustion based innovations. Our customer base includes vehicle manufacturers, engine manufactures, tier 1 suppliers, aftermarket tuners, fleet operators, stationary power companies and generator manufacturers.

With advanced research laboratories in Calumet, Michigan (in conjunction with Michigan Technological University’s Advanced Powertrain Systems Laboratory) and customer support and business operations located at the SPARK Central Business Incubator in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Nostrum team can support current and future innovations for future advanced engines with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and tier 1’s, as well as aftermarket performance and fleet customers, to impact both future and current fuel consumption, emissions and performance.

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