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Nostrum Launches the First Advanced OEM Quality   
Kinetic Direct Injectors for the High Performance Market
Nostrum showcases kinetic colliding jet injectors and dilute combustion systems
At Engine Expo – Novi 2015 October 20 - 22
Nostrum introduces its first two aftermarket products for direct drop-in, high-flow injectors At the SEMA Show 2015 November 3 - 6
Ann Arbor, Mich., October 19, 2015 – Nostrum Energy launches the first advanced, OEM quality, direct injection product line with a proprietary “kinetic” particle break-up mechanism, K-DI, for the high performance market this fall. A technology company that creates science-based solutions for internal combustion engines, Nostrum is introducing its kinetic colliding jet injectors and dilute combustion systems at Engine Expo – Novi 2015 as well as its application-specific, high-flow, K-DI fuel injector at the SEMA Show 2015.
A departure from conventional injectors, the new kinetic direct injectors utilize a fundamentally new method of atomization and are designed to increase engine power for the performance aftermarket; deliver cleaner tail pipe emissions in existing commercial fleets, and increase fuel efficiency for in field vehicles and future OEM Engines.
Engine Expo – Novi 2015 and the SEMA Show mark the first time Nostrum engineers will showcase these Kinetic Direct Injectors, or K-DI, and be available for product demonstrations. Details are as follows.
Nostrum at Engine Expo – Novi 2015
After years of research and product development, Nostrum will display its first kinetic colliding jet injectors, a direct in-cylinder water injector and intake track water injector, and dilute combustion system, the Nostrum Cycle, at Engine Expo – Novi 2015 in Hall A, booth 181, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan October 20 through October 22.

Nostrum engineers will give two technology presentations at the show, one showcasing the kinetic breakup mechanism of its high-flow K-DI™ and the other reviewing its novel dilute combustion systems with water injection for in-cylinder combustion control.

Nostrum at the SEMA Show 2015
Nostrum will introduce its first two aftermarket products for direct drop-in, high-flow injectors, GM’s Ecotec 2.0L LTG and LHU model codes, at the SEMA Show 2015 in the South Upper Hall, booth 35320, at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) November 3 through November 6.
Displays and demonstrations of Nostrum’s direct drop-in, high-flow injectors will be at Nostrum’s booth, the New Products Showcase, a New Product Training Session, as well as two vehicles fitted with Nostrum injectors – one demonstration vehicle and a stock eliminator class drag car. Nostrum will showcase products in the Racing & Performance show category.

Nostrum will also host a one-time, special “Lunch and Learn” technical session on November 4 at LVCC to educate about gasoline direct injection fuel systems, fueling challenges, integration and calibration. This session will provide valuable information to demystify direct injection systems and will cover in-depth lessons learned from Nostrum’s own vehicle calibration experience and OEM development projects. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP by emailing

For more information or to set up meetings with the Nostrum team, please contact Frank LoScrudato by emailing or calling (734) 649-6387.
Visit to view a full list of Nostrum’s events at Engine Expo – Novi 2015 and the SEMA Show 2015.
About Nostrum Energy
Nostrum is a technology company that creates science-based solutions for internal combustion engines. The company is currently focused on breakthrough research and commercial applications for advanced fuel injection and dilute combustion systems including port and direct water injectors, various dilute combustion systems, fuel injection technologies and a host of additional combustion-based innovations. Its target customer segments include vehicle manufacturers, engine manufactures, tier 1 suppliers, aftermarket tuners, fleet operators, stationary power companies and generator manufacturers.
With advanced research laboratories in Calumet, Michigan, in conjunction with Michigan Technological University’s Advanced Powertrain Systems Laboratory, and with customer support and business operations in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Nostrum team can support current and future innovations for advanced engines with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and tier 1’s, as well as aftermarket performance and fleet customers. Nostrum’s research will impact both current and future fuel consumption, emissions and performance.