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Nirmal Mulye, Ph.D.

President, Nostrum Energy

With 12 foundational patents to his name, Dr. Mulye, founder and Chairman of Nostrum Energy and its family of pharmaceutical and energy companies. Nostrum is his brainchild and he is the principal inventor of the company's groundbreaking technologies. Dr. Mulye is an innovator, visionary, and prolific entrepreneur whose focus is to emphasize elegant solutions based on advanced technology development combined with a firm conviction that long-term business models cannot be sustained through reliance on subsidies. Most recently, Dr. Mulye has been directly appointed on the Council on Local Mandates by Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey.

Kaushik Vyas

CEO, Nostrum Energy

With accomplishments ranging from fossil fuel extraction and renewable energy development to distributed generation of power and liquid fuels to transmission, Kaushik has over 30 years of experience across the energy lifecycle. He has developed game changing solutions in modeling & simulation, systems integration, enterprise energy management, design and operation of plants, smart-grid, transportation, and integrated energy consulting. Formerly Vice President of EG&G's Energy, Oceanographic, Environmental, Health & Safety Division and then Corporate Vice President in SAIC's Energy, Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit ($2B), he completed his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. Qualifiers in Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Frank LoScrudato

VP, Nostrum Motors

Highly skilled in product development, Frank has over 11 years of engine engineering, manufacturing, operations and purchasing experience, including initial engineering design through to full volume production at Chrysler LLC. From 2008 through 2012, as Director of Powertrain for Next Auto works Company, he was instrumental in engine development, powertrain integration, regulatory compliance and program management. Frank earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Engineering) from Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute). At Nostrum, Frank is responsible for transitioning intellectual property into commercial products, as well as day-to-day operations.

Sam Barros

Director, Nostrum Energy

An exceptional scientist and hands-on manager, Sam brings more than eleven years advanced technology and scientific research, including projects in the automotive, engine, nuclear and high voltage industries. At Nostrum, Sam is responsible for advanced research and development activities, including design & execution of experiments, test data evidence, alternative fuel technologies, and core intellectual property development including patents. Sam has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Dr. Shrikrishna K. Sane, Ph.D.

Advisor Science & Technology, operating from Mumbai, India.

Dr. Sane is a world renowned expert in Gas Turbine engines and has extensive expertise in energy systems, Aerothermodynamics Simulation, Conceptual Design of Propulsion Systems related to Military and Transport aircraft, Multi-Disciplinary Optimization to System selection and sizing, Development of Instrumentation Systems and Product Development. He also has more than 10+ patents to his credit and has written over 75 papers in National/International Journals/Conferences. He is a Fellow of Aeronautical Society of India and a Member of the International Advisory Committee of Gas Turbine Society of Japan. Dr. Sane has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Technology in Internal Combustion Engines and a Ph.D. in Gas Turbines. He has over 40 years’ experience in academics, research and development as a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai.

Bill Atkinson

Manager of Research, Houghton MI

Managing a diverse staff of full time engineers and students at Michigan Technological University, Bill is responsible for developing test plans, ensuring equipment and test accuracy, and communicating results. Coming from a background in engine manufacturing quality, he is never afraid to jump into the test cell to understand an issue or help solve a problem that his team faces. Bill is also responsible for designing and specifying components/suppliers for Nostrum’s products to bring to market. Bill holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.