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Why Nostrum

Science is the difference: Nostrum develops technology solutions which are fundamentally superior due to extensive thermodynamic and fluid dynamic development.

Challenging established paradigms: Nostrum fuel injectors dissect and deconstruct existing practices to establish new concepts that change the status quo and produce real results. Nostrum technology is inspired from non-automotive industries and practices to define non-conventional solutions.

The science behind the patented Nostrum kinetic particle breakup mechanism found in the K-DITM and K-ITITM injectors is a result of years of advanced research and testing. Specially engineered to provide superior fuel delivery and specialized water injection unlike any other injector on the market, Nostrum injectors offer:

  • Superior fuel atomization
  • Short liquid lengths
  • Direct integration to existing fuel systems
  • High degree of spray targeting and plume shaping
  • Advanced calibration control

Nostrum injectors allow for better mixing of the fuel with air, allowing the engine to improve combustion quality and burn rates, and enabling higher efficiency and less pollution from internal combustion. These injectors are completely compatible with the engines of today and tomorrow by adding patented technology on the injector nozzle to unlock the engine’s full potential. The technology can be adapted to any low or high pressure injector design.

The Nostrum CycleTM and Mulye CycleTM are advanced dilute combustion systems that enable unseen levels of performance and efficiency for future and current combustion engines. Aftermarket kits are under development to address diesel commercial vehicle efficiency and emissions, provided operating cost reductions and environmental stewardship for fleet operators.

Nostrum for Tuners

High Flow K-DITM provides the superior fueling solution for late model direct injected engines. With advanced spray technology, direct fit integration, OEM grade quality and the high flow rates (up to 35grams per second), the high performance aftermarket will reach unprecedented levels of power and performance. Learn more about our K-DITM and K-ITITM injectors.

Nostrum for Commercial Fleets

Fuel costs represent 37 percent of a fleet’s operating expense. Nostrum’s technologies and combustion systems significantly enhance the amount of energy that reaches a vehicle’s wheels from the engine and dramatically improves tailpipe emissions for a more environmentally friendly fleet. Improved efficiency means significant cost savings for commercial fleets such as parcel delivery and long-haul truck organizations, public transportation, as well as refuse management companies, private transportation and the military. Contact us for more information about our fleet products launching in 2017.

Nostrum for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

The advanced science and technology in our K-DITM and K-ITITM products can enable significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions, without requiring an entirely new engine infrastructure. These reductions can be pushed even further with our dilute combustion system concepts. As fuel efficiency standards demand greater and greater improvements, Nostrum’s product portfolio provides solutions to meeting these standards without needing a significant shift in consumer behavior.