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Here at Nostrum, whether in our advanced technology Energy group, or our aftermarket High Performance group, we passionately pursue innovation through application of the sciences, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics to develop solutions that we bring to the markets. 

Our Mission

To advance technology by exploring the tough questions, challenging the intellectual status-quo, and manifesting innovative science-based solutions into real products to transform the world.

We will accomplish this by:


Working in a safe, efficient, collaborative, systemic, and dynamic environment that develops and enables high quality performance.


Developing and producing products that meet defined specifications with strict adherence to a rigorous product development system that has robust and capable production processes.


Engaging with, listening to, understanding, responding, and taking systemic action to our customer’s requirements (both external and internal) to proved exceptional customer experience.


Reducing development time, maximizing asset utilization, leveraging a global supply base, developing a lean manufacturing operation, and using economies of scale and strategic partners to our competitive advantage.


Using innovative ideas, system thinking, discipline, and continuous improvement to retain our position of leadership in technology and by driving out all wastes to increase efficiency in all aspects of our business.


Holding ourselves accountable for our responsibility to the company, the environment, the community, our stakeholders, and each other.

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