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Why Nostrum?

Innovation and Science: Nostrum develops solutions that are fundamentally superior due to advanced thermodynamic and fluid dynamic advantages. As a science-based company, all our technologies are subject to critical analysis with a focus on innovation, while balancing sound engineering practices to deliver real-world embodiments.

Small, capable, and agile: The combination of Nostrum’s highly skilled enthusiast employees, well structured engineering processes, vertically integrated manufacturing processes, and our innovative collaborative culture - yield a capable and agile technology partner that can accommodate and engage our clients for the most aggressive of objectives.

OEM Grade: Nostrum’s products are developed through a well-structured Development Process that includes both comprehensive analytical and extensive experimental validation at the component and vehicle levels. Production products are made with precision and rigorously production tested to deliver Tier 1 grade products that meet PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) requirements at a competitive cost.

High Tech Capabilities

CONVERGE Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Proprietary code for high quality spray patterns for optimized combustion quality

Injector spray characterization
Tier 1 grade research and development assets

Combustion Analysis
Cycle by cycle combustion quality analysis to ensure efficiency and cleanliness

Vehicle integration and validation
Full service supplier with vehicle development and commissioning capabilities

Areas of Expertise

  • Spray development & prototyping for fuels, water, and other working fluids
  • Aftermarket high performance fuel systems including e85
  • Integrated water injection systems
  • Advanced internal combustion engine research in dilute combustion with water
  • Technology and innovation consulting in the areas of dilute combustion, alternative fuels and high performance & race engines 

Production Capacity

  • 20k/year high pressure injectors
  • expanding to 40k/year in 2022
  • 15k/year high pressure fuel pumps
  • expanding to 30k/year in 2022
  • 15k/year low pressure fuel pumps
  • 2.5k/year e85 modules
  • 500/year water injection modules 

Complete Fueling Solutions

As the aftermarket automotive industry demands more efficient, no-compromise performance from the combustion engine, increasingly complex fuel systems are required to allow for a cleaner and more effective burn. Nostrum addresses the broader engineering and marketplace needs by presenting a comprehensive, integrated, science-based solution with our patented fuel injection and fuel pump technology. Complete solutions, from ideation through to vehicle validation, are available for our customer’s unique fuel system needs.

Infiniti Q50

Kinetic Gasoline Direct Injection (K-DI™)
direct injection

  • Nostrum’s innovative high-pressure high flow fuel injectors
  • Kinetic Direct Injection utilizes proprietary colliding jet geometries to dramatically reduce liquid length and improve vaporization
  • Application specific spray patterns (spray targeted) for high flow aftermarket performance
  • The only aftermarket injectors to allow liquid lengths 40% shorter than conventional multi-hole injectors
  • Flow rates up to 30 g/sec@100bar nHeptane
  • Plume angles ranging from 35 degrees to 110 degrees
  • Plume shaping geometries developed with advanced in-cylinder CFD
  • Fully compatible with Ethanol fuel (E100)
  • Latency performance comparable or better than stock injector conditions
  • Direct fit outlines and retrofit kit capabilities
  • Two GDI product lines:
    • Premium K-DI for research, premium vehicle applications, and race teams
    • Modular K-DI series for aftermarket performance and price sensitivity
  • Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities on-site

High Flow High Pressure Fuel Pump Systems (HPFP)

  • Application specific HPFPs delivering over 60 percent more fuel than an average OEM fuel pump
  • Designed to support increasing demands of GDI fuel systems with E85
  • One-piece laser welded bodies prevent any possible leak paths (patented construction)
  • CFD optimized and capable of flowing over 350 lph
  • Fully compatible with Ethanol fuel (E100)
  • Complete integration kits for aftermarket replacement with all hardware and instructions
  • High-pressure stainless-steel tubes with OE style fittings

Kinetic Intake Track Injection (K-ITI™)

  • Nostrum’s innovative low-pressure port injectors utilize proprietary colliding jet and hybrid geometries to achieve excellent atomization and minimum wall wetting
  • Application specific injectors developed with CFD tools to optimize spray targeting
  • Highly flexible spray geometry capabilities: linear arrays, split gamma, symmetrical, biased, plume shaping
  • Laser drilled with 5 axis capabilities
  • Single point and multipoint port fuel injection systems
  • Standard injector profile compatibility with a variety of OE designs
  • Pressure capabilities up to 8 bar
  • Flow rates up to 1150cc/min
  • Shot to shot performance comparable to original equipment products
  • Fully compatible with Ethanol fuel (E100)

High Flow Low Pressure Pump Modules

  • Complete rebuilt and tested fuel pump module for plug and play use
  • Engineered internal and replacement construction of the OEM module utilizing advanced additive manufacturing techniques in house
  • Fully E85 compatible
  • 100% tested and verified before shipment

Fuel system devices and hardware

  • E85 modules and integration devices
  • Low pressure and high-pressure sensor upgrades
  • Low pressure and high-pressure fuel line assemblies
  • Voltage modules for LPFPs

Engineering Services

Nostrum’s team of elite engineers and our rigorous yet flexible development process allow us to offer a variety of custom-tailored services specific to a customer’s unique needs:

  • Custom applications for high performance aftermarket fuel systems, including branded (private label) products
  • Custom fuel system design & low volume production for boutique manufacturers, race teams, and specialty vehicle programs
  • Small batch prototype development & manufacturing for advanced research projects (liquid fuels, gaseous fuels, water sprays)
  • Application programs for integrated water injection projects from concept to vehicle validation for knock mitigation, octane on demand, and/or thermal management
  • Academic and regulatory projects (DOE, EPA, and Federal state research projects)
  • Strategic technology partnerships
  • General consulting in the areas of expertise including fuel systems, water injection, sprays, aftermarket tuning, and powertrain systems

Asset Capabilities

  • Solidworks CAD, Solidworks FLOW, Solidworks Simulation packages 
  • Artek EVA white light scanning & Geomagic SW package for CAD generation 
  • Convergent Science Converge CFD for two phase spray analysis 
  • 5 Axis wire EDM machine with triple electrode head 
  • 5 Axis Laser drilling 
  • Flexible manufacturing operation for small batch prototype and low volume production 
  • Injector spray high-speed imaging, spray patternation, and shot to shot analysis
  • Injector dynamic and static flow testing with Viscor and nHeptane
  • Injector Helium trace gas leak testing 
  • Optically accessible engine testing (non-combusting)
  • High pressure fuel pump dynamic flow testing 
  • Hydraulic pressure testing up to 27,000 psi 
  • Mark Forge 3D printer with Onyx and carbon fiber filaments
  • Vehicle integration, calibration and validation including 2000whp AWD chassis dynamometer with load control, HVAC system for cold or hot soaks, and Alma Automotive high-speed combustion analysis tools. 
  • Proving ground testing and development, including V-Box Video performance and driveability evaluation tools

Water Injection

Since 2012, Nostrum has led the innovation and resurgence of advanced water injection for the internal combustion engine. Extensive research and advanced engine concept exploration continues to provide innovation in the areas of knock mitigation, octane on demand, thermal management, NOx mitigation and hardware component protection.

Our key project experience includes:

  • High BMEP: Highly boosted (>35bar BMEP) high output passenger car engine concepts for maximum efficiency and complete knock mitigation;
  • High Efficiency CNG: Water injected, boosted, high mechanical compression ration gen-set engines and medium duty commercial vehicles for high efficiency and thermal management.
  • Diesel NOx Mitigation: Commercial and light duty diesel engines utilizing spray targeted port water injection to mitigate NOx emissions by 90%.
  • High performance super-car engines: >1000whp super car (91PON) engine performance with complete knock mitigation and octane on demand via integrated water injection


Advanced Water Injection:

  • With a specially patented proprietary injector design, Nostrum has solved the extreme challenges of water injection use in an OEM applications.
  • Maximize the advantages of water injection such as charge cooling and dilution
  • Minimize the disadvantages of water injection such as oil dilution or risk of component damage
  • Patented kinetic particle breakup improves atomization, reduces liquid lengths, and provides superior vaporization rates
  • Spray targeting capabilities
  • Available both in direct injection application as well as port injection

Dilute Combustion Engine Cycle Concepts

The average internal combustion engine found in most automotive applications operates on a system developed in the 1800s. Ushering in a new era of efficiency, the Nostrum Cycle ™ and  Muyle Cycle ™ unlock the true potential of the modern combustion engine.

  • The use of water injection in the combustion chamber via Nostrum’s K-DI ™ technology manages peak temperatures, mitigates knock, and operates the engine at Mean Best Torque (MBT) ignition timing at all loads
  • In alternate applications water is injected into the intake tract via Nostrum KITI ™ to manage peak temperatures and mitigate knock for high cylinder pressure applications (boosted or high compression ratio combustion applications)
  • Increases thermodynamic efficiency while significantly reducing harmful emissions such as NOx or PM levels making the engine cycle ideal for OEM applications
  • Provides internal temperature control and thermal protection of hardware thus reducing the need for enrichment at high load and allowing a reduction in heat exchanger size for improved packaging
  • Compatible with any fuel type, liquid or gaseous

Integration to Combustion Systems: 

  • Nostrum’s expertise is in the water injection hardware development & manufacturing
  • Advanced engineering development tools allow Nostrum to integrate spray models and additional CAE subroutines into a customer’s combustion system models for their complete engine cycle development 
  • Flexible and capable engineering services to support a customer’s objectives with innovative, collaborative and real-world solutions. 
  • As a true partner, Nostrum collaborates at all levels with our customers to pursue novel solutions for their most difficult challenges
  • A complete portfolio of hardware solutions allow an assortment of possible solution embodiments 

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