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Why Nostrum?

Science is the difference:
Nostrum develops solutions that are fundamentally superior due to advanced thermodynamic and fluid dynamic advantages.

Challenging established paradigms: Nostrum fuel injectors dissect and deconstruct the status quo to revolutionize the combustion engine.

OEM Grade Products: Nostrum’s products are made with precision and care by well sourced Tier-1 suppliers to deliver OEM grade products at a competitive cost.

High Tech Capabilities

  • Solidworks CAD and FLOW
  • Converge CFD
  • Injector spray imaging
  • Dynamic flow testing
  • Cylinder testing
  • Vehicle integration and validation

Nostrum for Original Equipment Manufacturers

As fuel efficiency standards demand greater and greater improvements, Nostrum’s product portfolio provides solutions to meet these standards without calling for a significant shift in consumer behavior. From design to delivery, Nostrum offers the opportunity to reduce fuel consumption and emissions without requiring an entirely new engine infrastructure. Contact info@nostrumenergy.com for assistance with your custom program.

Nostrum for Commercial Fleets

Fuel costs represent 37 percent of a fleet’s operating expense. Nostrum’s technologies and combustion systems significantly enhance the amount of energy produced and dramatically improve emissions for a more environmentally friendly fleet. Improved efficiency means significant cost savings for commercial fleets such as delivery organizations, public transportation, private transportation and the military. Contact info@nostrumenergy.com for assistance with your custom program. 

Nostrum for the Aftermarket

With advanced spray technology, direct fit integration, OEM grade quality, and exceptional flow rates (up to 35 grams per second), the high performance aftermarket will reach uncharted power output with Nostrum’s fueling solution. Contact info@nostrumshop.com for more information. 

Fueling Solutions

As the advancing automotive industry demands more and more efficiency from the combustion engine, increasingly complex fuel systems are required to allow for a cleaner and more effective burn. Nostrum addresses the broader engineering and marketplace needs of an OEM manufacturer by presenting a science based solution with our patented fuel injection technology.

Proprietary kinetic particle break-up mechanism with patented nozzles provide smaller droplet sizes, superior fuel atomization, accurate controllability, and shorter liquid lengths versus leading conventional injectors

Kinetic Gasoline Direct Injection (K-DI™)
direct injection

  • Flow rates up to 35 gs/sec
  • Plume angles ranging from 35 degrees to 110 degrees
  • The only aftermarket injectors to allow liquid lengths 40% shorter than conventional multi-hole injectors/
  • Fully compatible with Ethanol fuel (E100)

High Pressure Fuel Pump Systems (HPFPS)

  • Application specific HPFPs delivering over 60 percent more fuel than an average OEM fuel pump
  • Designed to support increasing demands of GDI fuel systems
  • One piece laser welded bodies prevent any possible leak paths
  • CFD optimized and capable of flowing over 350 lph
  • Fully compatible with Ethanol fuel (E100)

Kinetic Intake Track Injection (K-ITI™)

  • Single point and multipoint fuel injection systems
  • Standard injector profiles with pressure capabilities up to 250 psi
  • Fully compatible with Ethanol fuel (E100)

Water Injection

  • With a specially patented proprietary injector design, Nostrum has solved the extreme challenges of water injection use in an OEM applications.
  • Maximize the advantages of water injection such as charge cooling and dilution
  • Minimize the disadvantages of water injection such as oil dilution or risk of component damage
  • Patented kinetic particle breakup improves atomization, reduces liquid lengths, and provides superior vaporization rates
  • Spray targeting capabilities
  • Available both in direct injection application as well as port injection

Combustion Systems

The average internal combustion engine found in most automotive applications operates on a system developed in the 1800s. Ushering in a new era of efficiency, the Nostrum Cycle ™ / Muyle Cycle ™ unlocks the true potential of the modern combustion engine.

  • The use of water injection in the combustion chamber via Nostrum’s K-DI ™ technology manages peak temperatures, mitigates knock, and operates the engine at Mean Best Torque (MBT) ignition timing at all loads
  • In alternate applications water is injected into the intake track via Nostrum KITI ™ to manage peak temperatures and mitigate knock for high compression applications (boosted or high compression ratio combustion applications)
  • Increases thermodynamic efficiency while eliminating harmful emissions such as NOx or PM levels making the engine cycle ideal for OEM applications
  • Provides complete INternal temperature control and thermal protection of hardware allowing the elimination of external cooling

Engineering Services

Nostrum’s team of elite engineers allow us to offer a variety of custom tailored services specific to your businesses unique needs.

  • Custom applications of K-DI ™, KITI ™, water injection, and combustion system integration for OEMs, Tier 1s, racing teams, and fleet operations
  • Small batch DI and PFI injectors for research purposes
  • Aftermarket efficiency kits for advanced projects
  • Academic and regulatory projects (DOE, EPA, and Federal state research projects)
  • Strategic technology partnerships

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